Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reading Reaction Journal#3

How HR Professionals Make High Performance Organizations


The author tries in the introduction of the article to illustrate the importance of the human resources field and human resources professionals although industry leaders are against this. He explains the reasons of this importance like the need of companies to be fast, flexible, focused and smart; they also nowadays compete on other features than productivity like knowledge and service. The author introduces the importance of the employees by calling them "human assets" that human resource professionals have to care about to respond quickly to marketplace change. He also points out the importance of corporate culture by the examples that Kathleen Hubbard listed. Furthermore, creating this corporate culture should be on the top of the list of HR professionals. The author explains the roles to be carried out by the human resource professionals like knowing the staff's needs, and knowing how they can be successful and productive, and what causes them to fail, by asking these questions then for the best for them. The author also states that creating chances and an appropriate environment in the workplace is one of the most important duties undertaken by human resources professional. Lastly, he affirms that guiding managers through this process and helping them will lead the company to competition in today's marketplace. The author listed some questions for the management team to ask itself.

I agree with the writer about the importance of human resources professionals in all organizations. The distribution of tasks at work and the knowledge of every person's needs is a challenging task that requires expertise in this field. After I read this article, I think for me to be a HR professional, I have to be patient, knowledgeable and neutral. For example, I will start my work by giving the employees a survey to fill out. This survey contains questions about their likes, dislikes, desires, fears and so on. I think one of the most important things to be director of human resources is how to determine everyone's place to let him/her feel the desire of the collective success of the work. For example, I worked with the principal of a school for a full academic year and I was impressed by his way, in his attempts to make all the decisions that concern the school, in which people discussed in groups to make every teacher feels important and responsible, even if his job is far from the administrative work; that way success is attributed to all. In fact, creating the right environment to work is fruitful; there is a good example, which is Google company; it created a spectacular place for its employees with all facilities and amenities like restaurants, swimming pool, fitness room and bedrooms for those who want to have their naps, the result was that the employee worked more than expected and they were enjoying their work so their productivity was higher.

Lee, D.( 2009 November). How HR Professionals Make High Performance Organizations. Retrieval on Nov.17, 2009, from HumanNature@work

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