Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reading Reaction Journal# 2

Your guide to effective project management

In this article, the author describes project management as a method that defines project goals, and designs a plan to manage risk and delivers measurable outcomes. He also explains that a project manager is necessary in every project and he needs to work hard to succeed. He says that following project management methods lead to success. He also explains the difference between the professional project manager and the inexperienced project manager. In addition, he talks about the project management resources and their importance. He points out that it is a useful resource when a project manager is responsible as the owner of the project. The author also explains the ten critical bases for effective project management like making time, defining roles, establishing the budget, evaluating risks early, deciding the resources and goals, recording the channels of communication and tracking the deviations. Lastly, the author explains the ways to get back the cost of project management services and to succeed.

Project management is one of the important fields of management. For that reason, I picked up this article. I learned from this article a lot of information about project management like the definition of project management and the qualities of professional project managers. I actually agree with the author that the project manager needs to be responsible and consider himself as the owner of the project; I really liked this part. The project manager will work hard to succeed because when we do something for ourselves, we will try to make it perfect as much as we can. I also agree that the project manager needs to evaluate the risks because it may happen anytime in the future and he must know how to find solutions for problems. I felt I have to know and get all these principles. Furthermore, the author at the end mentioned something interesting that when we follow the methods of project management, we can get the money back and this is an important thing for any person working in business – not to lose money. In fact, this article is useful for me at my studying in management and in my working after that. However, I realized that I need to learn more about this field to expand my knowledge and make myself ready for a position like this.

Vaslet, S. (2008 November). Your guide to effective project management. Retrieval on Oct. 29, 2009, from Nova Scotia Business Journal, Page 21http://.

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