Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reading Reaction Journal#4

How to Maximize Employee Performance
While Minimizing Employee Stress


The author clarifies that managers and business owners mistakenly think that when they reduce employee stress, the productivity will reduce. He also mentions that when companies try to bring out the best on their employees, they will be more productive. The author also explains that the important way to increase productivity is by understanding the factors that influence employees. Then he stated the ideas that organizations can implement to increase employee productivity like giving employees the power over their jobs, communicating clearly about important things, talking with their employees about company's issues to let them feel part of the company, encouraging employees to talk freely and support one another, helping employees designing their jobs and making sure that employees received enough resources and training to perform their jobs perfectly.


I really enjoyed reading this article for several reasons. First, I learned some important methods to keep my employees creative and having less stress. I believe that the key of successful work is organizing the work. By organizing, we can improve the company and the employees' performance. I think for me to be a professional manager, I have to be organized. For example, I will start my work by interviewing the employees and giving them as much freedom on their work as possible to make them feel challenged to succeed. I think one of the reasons people are successful managers is that they get confidence and respect from employees. I also think that when I give the employees the freedom to design their jobs, they will be creative and their job will not be boring. I also support the idea of talking with employees because when there are barriers between the employees and their managers, they will be stressed out and their productivity will decrease. I remember one of my friends was working in a company but there was a big distance between him and his supervisor. Therefore, he hated that job and did not feel comfortable.


Lee D. (2009, November). How to maximize employee performance while minimizing employee stress. Retrieval on Nov.30, 2009, from Human Nature @ work http://www.humannatureatwork.com/Workplace-Stress-4.htm

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